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Student Recruitment System (SRS) is a system that supports, simplifies and structures your leads generation and follow up process. SRS will save you both time and money by effective communication and budget allocation, and add structure and move your organization from being reactive to being proactive.

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How it works


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Collect all student requests in one system

SRS is designed to enable communication with prospects in a structured and uniform way, regardless of the marketing channel they originate from.

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Manage & structure vast amounts of requests in no time

SRS helps you to structure and automate a big part of your daily work. This freed up time, will help you to maintain a tight follow-up to convert more potential students to program attendees.

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Track & evaluate

Make better marketing decisions based on updated and segmented data from your recruitment activities. SRS enables you to follow a lead from initial contact until newly admitted student.

Some of our clients

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What they're saying about SRS

"SRS has been an incredibly useful tool for us to communicate with prospective students, in a time efficient and personal way. I have fast and easy access to important statistics and I can easily measure which of my marketing investments have led to an increased amount of applicants. SRS is very beneficial to me since it enables me to see how I should distribute my marketing budget to get the best ROI.

Being able to create forms (that even work offline) that I can use for gathering leads on our webpage or whilst at fairs, without any technical knowledge, is one of many priceless functions in SRS. The ability to import data via Excel or API links to third party portals makes SRS perfectly adapted for student recruitment and the education industry. In my opinion though, the best thing about SRS is the team behind the product that continuously work with its development and offer fantastic customer support."

- Michael Oppenheimer, International Recruitment, Dalarna University

"SRS is an invaluable tool in our international student recruitment! The technical skills and service-mindedness of the team behind SRS is second to none."

- Johanna Forsström, International Recruitment, Mälardalens University

"We are very satisfied with SRS. It is a straight forward and flexible system that helps us to handle our many applications. We are also very happy with the speedy tech support."

- Camilla Pettersson, Administrator, Plushögskolan AB

"SRS is an excellent tool and I continuously find new advantages with it."

- Cecilia Hillergren, Director of Marketing, NTI-skolan