We simplify and automate the management of student recruitment.

SRS system in different devices

A web-based, user friendly recruitment system custom-built for the education industry.

The function of SRS is to support conversion, from a potential student’s first contact to an actual admission. By using the system in day-to-day communication, you’ll increase lead conversion rates and gain a clear overview of the institute’s marketing activities. At SRS, we want to help you make student recruitment efficient and effective by offering an affordable solution to manage the entire lead management process.

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The benefits


Return on investment

Know the ROI of each marketing channel and optimize the effect of your marketing.


Correct communication

Communicate with students in a quick, relevant and professional manner.


Improved decision making

Take better business decisions for your organization based on updated recruitment data.


SRS system - Inbox


Communicate effectively

Communicate in a fast, relevant, and professional manner with prospective students.

SRS collects incoming data from all marketing channels that the school uses and merges these into one inbox. From the inbox, users can filter data to save time and reach targeted segments. By using SRS’s built-in email marketing tool, you ensure unified and professional communication between the school and the prospective student.

SRS system - Performance data and pipeline


Improve decision making

Make smart business decisions for your school based on updated and segmented data from your recruitment activities.

SRS merges all student recruitment into one system, enabling you to view aggregated performance data and a pipeline of potential students. SRS also provides an overall view on all recruitment activities and their results.

SRS system - Marketing performance


Higher return on investment

Know the ROI of each marketing channel and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing.

Within SRS, you are able to follow a lead from initial contact until student conversion. This process provides you with highly relevant statistics so that you may monitor your marketing channels and internal workflow.

SRS system - Incoming inquiries


Structure your work

With SRS, you can gather all of your information requests from different marketing channels in one flow and are guaranteed to meet the conditions of GDPR.

Follow-up and respond to incoming inquiries with the convenience of our templates, saving all detailed information. Add reminders for candidates that you want to take action with. SRS is designed to enable communication with prospects in a structured and uniform way, regardless of what marketing channel they originated from.

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